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Natalia Peryga PHOTOGRAPHY

„Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


My name is Natalia Peryga and I’m wedding photographer.

I idolize Salvador Dali’s paintings and movies of David Lynch and Roman Polański. Furthermore, your photos are retouched to the sounds of old, good rock.

I also love mountains and astronomy. What do you think about night photo session in the mountains? Sounds great, doesn’t it? I will show you enthusiastically where the Orion Nebula and North Star exactly is.

I’m happy wife of Tadeusz – the best man I have ever met. We share some common interests. We are travellers. That’s why I really love the foreign photo sessions where we are always together.

Right from the start.

My life has been fulfilled with an art since I was young. All of this began with drawings, poems, one-reelers and painting. My first painting was created when I was five. The fascination of photography started later – since discovering the technique “camera obscura” where photos are taken on the light – sensitive paper e.g. through suitcase (but don’t be afraid – I promise you that on your wedding reportage, I will come with the best photographic equipment (Nikon). Till today I like extraordinary photos and I trying that my wedding reportage are also like that. My last project focuses on x-ray wedding photos that were taken on the x-ray film (the most often are wedding details such as: wedding rings, wedding bouquet or wedding shoes).

The first album with my photos was published in 2008. But before I had taken wedding photos, I was thinking about being an art teacher in schools and orphanages.

I studied three fields of studies: Pedagogy, Social rehabilitation, Computer graphics.

I also graduated successfully Movie and Television Academy in Warsaw.

At that time I experienced the most beautiful branch: wedding photography. And guess what? I fell in love at first sight and I decided to stay here – I’m trying to create the most fabulous wedding photos for you.

Since then, you can see my photos in press, photographic magazines and on the exhibitions in art galleries.


My biggest photographic dream and aim came true in 2019.

First place in Poland and 37 place The Top Talented Photographers (WPE 2021):

Najlepsi fotografowie na świecie. Lista TOP 100

I won the first place in the most prestigious competition of wedding photographers in the world – WPPI – Wedding & Portrait Photographers International in USA in category: wedding details.

One more artwork was also awarded – the x-ray wedding bouquet with wedding rings:

The photos created by me occurs in one of the most prestigious photographic magazines in the world – Rangefinder, published in USA.

SILVER AWARD badges – WPPI Second Half and WPE The Annual:

WPE International Photographers AWARDS, Paris:

– 2nd place, category – Creative Wedding and GOLD AWARD

– 2nd place, category – Wedding Details and SILVER AWARDWPE The Annual – SILVER AWARD – category – Wedding PhotojournalismPROFESSIONAL OF WPE title:

Tytuł Natalia Peryga Professiolnal of WPE Paris

BEST PHOTOS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS OF 2019. WPE Catalog:WPPI The Annual 16×20, Las Vegas 2020. 2 x SILVER AWARD – category:

  • Bridal Couple/Models Together Non-Wedding Day
  • Wedding Contemporary – Composite


Do you want to know more? Click here, and then we can meet in a cafe where we can talk comfortably about the most beautiful day in your life – The Day of Your Wedding.


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